11 January 2016

Fabric paradise!

Good afternoon and welcome to my first post! 

Exciting is not really the feeling at this end - terrified is more like it!

I've been wanting to create an online presence for so long but have never had the gumption (I think this is a word) or in fact the knowhow to be able to do it up til now.

So a new start for 2016 was to begin - sort of a resolution made while relaxing on the beach over the Christmas break. 

so here goes nuthin....

So to link back to the title of this first post, I actually found a new fabric source today - Treehouse Textiles in Mornington, which is about 20 minutes drive from my home. (I am not sure how long they have been there but I have been known to be a bit slow on the uptake if you get my drift)

It was such a lovely shop and was laid out in colour ways with a lovely eye, making selection easy if you new what you were looking for - however I just roamed all over the place trying to locate a print and a texture that felt right! I hope other sewists do this too. I never know what I will buy until I am there and then need to feel my way around a shop to make my connection. Is this weird? 

Anyway this is what I chose today:

This is a lovely Japanese Tana Lawn that has the feel of a double gauze. Maybe a  shirt out of this one.

My other selection was an Art Gallery cotton fabric in a steel blue (couldn't get the photo to show the true colour though). It is lovely and soft and will make a lovely dress I think - maybe a BHL Anna dress?

Hopefully either of these will be made up into something wearable for my next post.

Namaste x


  1. I love the fabrics you chose. The pink print is absolutely gorgeous!