2 July 2016

Schnittchen Coatigan Sylvia

It has been a while since my last post but that does not mean I have not been sewing! I will have to play catch up with my makes, but for now here is my version of the Schnittchen Coatigan Sylvia .

I was after a coat pattern that would make best use of some Italian Boiled Wool fabric that I picked up from Super Cheap Fabrics. I also wanted to make best use of the non-fraying properties of the wool and avoid a hem. It was difficult to find a pattern that was not too structured and was designed to be sewn without a lining if preferred. The Schnittchen Joanna Coat was also an option but it was double breasted and the collar did not continue all the way around the back of the neck.

The measurements put me in Size 38, but I could probably have used Size 36 as it was naturally oversized. The pattern is made using a top and bottom front piece for both left and right which is used to incorporate the large pockets. The back is cut in two pieces rather than on the fold lengthways which provides a seam running from the neck to the hem. This adds a bit of interest to an otherwise plain back.

I cut the pattern as marked but joined the top and bottom fronts to be one piece as I was not using pockets. If I were making again I would probably leave the front waist high seams in for balance. I also enlarged the shawl collar a small amount.

The sewing was easy, even though the instructions were fairly basic. Maybe not a beginner make unless you have a good understanding of construction since there were no diagrams at each step. 

I love the cocoon shape! I sewed the back seam with the layers on top of each other rather than with a traditional seam. I used two rows of stitching with a matching thread. This could look great with contrast stitching. I hemmed the sleeves (I don't know why?) but I will probably trim this and leave the sleeve un-hemmed as they are a little long. There is room for a single button but I decided to leave it loose as I like the shape.

Overall I love this coat(igan)! It really feels like a lovely warm cardigan but wears like a coat (duh!). This could easily be made in a medium to heavy weight knit as well.


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