12 February 2016

Darling Ranges Dress

Hi all,

My make for this week is a Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges dress. No PDF cutting and taping this time - I purchased the pattern! What a time saver. With paper patterns I usually trace my size onto tracing paper (or baking paper if needed) rather than cut the pattern.

I made a size small using the sizing on the pattern for Version 1 but made a few adjustments:

  • Shortened the bodice by 1 inch and repositioned the bust darts
  • Raised the neckline by 1.5 inches so that the v-neck did not sit too low
  • Shortened the skirt length by around 5 inches
  • Shortened the sleeve length by around 5 inches
I suppose it is obvious by the amount of shortening I had to do that my frame is somewhat small - I am 5 foot or 152cm on a good day (or after a yoga class!!).

This is the first time I have used the button hole function on my sewing machine and I think I am addicted - that is dead set fun! I remember sewing button holes by hand when I was in my twenties.

The material used was a graduated print cotton purchased online from Style Maker Fabrics in a gorgeous eggplant colour. I did a prewash of the fabric but it will be interesting to see how the colour maintains after several washes.

I will be making another Darling Ranges in a rayon next time and might add a hi-low hemline and make it sleeveless. Well that's the plan anyway......


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